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Felix Perry

What a great book. It transports you to the night club as well as to Cuba Probably the next best thing to having been there.

Oscar Ramirez

New Engaging Book on Camagüey Cuba Celebrates Life!

**Cuba, I Remember You is a book about family, love, relationships, and survival in difficult circumstances that all readers will find to be a wonderful reading experience.
Bettie Corbin Tucker
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A collection of 14 short stories, all in Spanish and English, based on the author’s experiences of childhood before and after the Communist revolution. Includes Appendix for educators wishing to use the book in Spanish or English foreign language classes. Lots of nostalgia for those who knew Cuba in the 50’s and 60’s and plenty of humor for readers in general. Includes also many period family photographs that illustrate the stories and bring them vividly to life!

About the Author

Dr. Oscar M. Ramírez-Orbea, was born in Camagüey, Cuba, in 1955. He emigrated with his family to the US in 1966, after completing elementary school in his home country. He longs one day to return to his native city of Camagüey and to all the fond memories it holds for him. CUBA, I REMEMBER YOU/CUBA, TE RECUERDO is Dr. Ramírez’s first narrative work. More

Available now from Airleaf Publishing (www.airleaf.com) or call today to order your copy at 1-800-342–6068.


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Rosa Sanchez

Ofelia Fox, wife of the owner of the cabaret Tropicana of Havana was the first female personality of Spanish radio in South Florida. Without pay and using the pseudonym Liansu she bradcast a daily message: "El Mensaje de Liansu" thru WMIE, now "La Cubanisima." The collection of her manuscripts from 1961 to 1964 constitutes a diary of the first wave of political refugees from Cuba and it has been published under the title: CUBA PATRIA EN LAGRIMAS Y EL MENSAJE DE LIANSU. The emotionally charged 391-page book has 16 pages of photos and was presented at the Miami Book Fair International on November of this year. Close to 200 copies of the book have been donated to public libraries all over the nation and it is now available at most bookstores in Miami and thru the internet.
Rosa Sanchez who undertook the task of publishing this historical diary declined comments about the book other than the following messages she has received from readers, not from literary critics: "I thank you personally and I'm sure that one day colleges will use this book to study Cuban immigration to America." Signed Linda K.
"Thank you, Rosa. I just finished reading the book. I devoured it. It is the best thing I've read describing our pain." Signed R.M.
"Rosa, I've been reading the book. I congratulate you for two reasons: first, for the time you've taken to introduce us to those that, at the beginning of the Cuban exile, set light to the faith in the future and started the fight for Cuba's freedom and second, for making this book so attractive and easy to read and understand." Signed J.S.

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