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Jerry Garcia

I am Cuban-born; I did left in May of 1980 with the Mariel Boatlift. There is a very rich history of our generation, those born in the fifties with all the influences of American music, inside and outside home, from the early signs of censorship, how we just to "build" electric guitars, the underground system of information through a variety of sources, like American Radio Station from South Miami and the southern part of the USA and those who understood English well enough to spread the news about new groups, songs, etc... But we took the torch from others, those like Luis Bravo, who become the closest thing to a Cuban Elvis, others like "Los Pacificos", who perhaps since the early fifties were recognized as the first Rock group in Habana. The list is too long. Everyday, when I return from work and grab my guitar, my mind make an imaginary voyage to all those place and faces, all those names like "Los Kents", Los Almas Vertiginosas". Oh Man!!, sometimes I end crying, and that is when I play the Blues. Peace.

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