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John Doe

Taking Cuba back to the Cubans
A suggestion:

It seems to me that the Cuban American communities in the U.S. have an unprecedented opportunity to almost bloodlessly take back their country from the Communists by using technology, planning and positive passive resistance.

The main objectives is to get back into the villages, towns and farm lands of where your family still reside and restore them to back to wellness and taking back control of their neighborhoods, towns and cities. It sounds daunting but I know you can do it. Use the free market and business skills you have developed in America.

Simply plan to take over by going around the infrastructure. Bring everything you possibly need to rebuild your family homes, businesses and farms. Set up a massive container flow program from Florida and U.S. southern ports to Havana or other useful Cuban ports. Be ready to augment their facilities with your own floating docks, own trucks, handling equipment, management etc.

Go around their fragile communications structure by bringing your own wireless,computer and satellite linkage technology. Bring your own power equipment to connect to and go around the old technology. Turn off the existing grid when not helpful and cut off the power and water to police, military, and governmental/political functions. Don't fight in the streets. Your family members and friends will know how and where to do it. Just pull the plug... Be like the French resistance in WWII quietly getting the job done.

You must not count on the broken down vehicles available in Cuba. You must rely on your own vehicles shipped in by container.

Coordinate this massive effort to start taking place within a 10 day period with hundreds of thousands of Cuban returning home to their farms, villages, towns and cities with everything they need to sustain themselves for six months, and the government of Communistic Cuba will be over run. If the local police or guadia try to stop you, ignore them! There is safety in numbers. Your family and friends will know how to neutralize them.

Pick a key day like a Sunday or at holiday time when the people are not ready for anything unexpected to happen (like the Japanese at Pearl Harbor) with a coordinated time of chartered airliners, containers ships with their own trucks in inside, and with cranes on board to unload them, hitting harbors at exactly the same time, and the underground shutting down power grids and water supplies, and blocking military bases areas of exit, the juggernaut would be unstoppable.

The key is planning and the support of your families and friends in Cuba.
It won't be easy but I know the Cuban American people are up to the task...


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